The Silkee Long

Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra & Body Shaper

Underwire Seamless Non‑Foam Cups

NOTE: The Silkee runs one cup size smaller than our Foam Cup styles, so we suggest sizing up by one cup size when ordering this style.

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    • Minimizes the projection of your breasts
    • Smoothing control for waist, tummy, hips and back
    • No-fall shoulder straps that adjust in the front
    • No back bulges
    • No Roll Hem
    • Look thinner instantly
    • So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it
    • Minimizing effect
    • Underwire molded non-foam soft cups
    • Stylish pattern overlay
    • Front adjustable, no-fall straps
    • Bow and lace detail
  • Reduce the appearance of your bust for a slimmer look. The Silkee Long is our minimizer and features two layers of non-foam, non-stretch fabric to minimize the projection of your breasts. The Silkee is designed for larger cup sizes. The patented design eliminates back bulges and visible bra lines as well as the dreaded “muffin top”, while providing superior breast support and slimming of the waist, tummy and back. Adjustable straps with no back bands or closures make the undergarment practically invisible under clothing.

What’s the difference between Non-Foam and Foam Cups?

Two layers of non-stretch fabric minimizes the projection of your breasts and offers great shaping and support. Designed for larger cup sizes. Silkee Styles only.

Foam Cups

Molded Foam cups offer a smooth, contoured shape and eliminates nipple show-through. All Styles except Silkee.

Foam Cups

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Customer Reviews

Based on 271 reviews

This bra has given me a shape I haven’t had in years. I highly recommend.

Tricky sizing

I love the material of the tank back. It is firming, supportive and smoothing without crushing me. I like how it distributes the support over the entire back rather than all that pressure in just the band area!

The bra sizing did not work for me, however. The cup wires were set too close together, and the cups themselves were too narrow and deep. I needed them to be wider and shallower. I am probably the same 'volume', but spread out over a broader chest.

I think the sizing variables need to be a bit more sophisticated to make this a win for more women. I am 5'8", 155#, theoretical bra size 42A. (I haven't found a good fit yet.)

Wonderful Bra !

This bra is unbelievably cool and comfortable. I wear it all day and never notice that I have it on. It is a great minimizer and body smoother, and I recommend it highly!

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