QUOTE: Hands down

"With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down."

Photo of Founder/Creator Staci Berner

— Staci Berner, Shapeez Creator

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The Silkee Tankee
Bobette M.
Silkee Tankee

LOVE it…only one I’ll wear!!!!

The Tankee Long
Rebecca M.
best cami bra ever

comfortable flattering stays down

The Tankee Long
Phyllis S.

Love the fit true to size. Stays put, doesn’t roll, keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer! It is all I wear and have worn for years. So comfortable.

The Silkee Short
Gloria B.
Best Bra

I love the Shapeez Bra because it takes away all the bulge from your back. The Shapeez offers support with out the back bulge!!! I ordered one before the holidays and then order two more shortly after!

The Tankee Short
Kelly V.
I love this bra!

Since I discovered Shapeez I have not worn another bra. I love how comfortable and supportive they are….not an easy to find combination!

The Silkee Long
Rebecca M.
most comfortable bra cami

love these, not padded, lay down nice

The Tankee Long
Cynthia B.
Best Bra Ever!

I love Shapeez and have been wearing since I first found them long ago! I wear no other bra and never will! I’ve told all my friends how amazing they are. I wear Shapeez all summer long and to workout in and never feel it’s anything but comfortable! I was so excited when they came out with a razor back and am now waiting for a long version of the razor back. Thank you for the best product ever!

The Tankee Short
Shannon M.

After searching for so long I finally found the bra I was looking for. I was so tired of bras either giving good support and making my ladies look nice OR smoothing out my back but never both. This one does and I feel so much more confident going out now. It’s decently comfortable as well! Will definitely be ordering more! Thank you Shapeez!

The Silkee Long
Stephanie W.
Best Bra Ever!

I have been wearing these bras for years and they are truly the most comfortable bras I’ve ever owned! Cannot recommend these enough!

The Ultimate
Stefanie W.
Great fitting shapewear

Fit well, shapes well, no back bulge and comfortable.

The Silkee Long
Victoria W.
GREAT product.

I love the Silkee Long. Fit is great. This was the first time I ordered the minimizer and I love love love it.

The Shortee
Jennifer K.
The only bras in my closet!!

Since I’ve discovered Shapeez bras I wear nothing else! I have purchased 4 more! They are so flattering, (no ugly back or armpit fat) and so comfortable!! I can’t believe I have lived without these my whole life! I have turned so many friends on to them as well too! I absolutely love these bras!

Comfeez Long
So comfortable

I had previously purchased the shapeez with the underwire and I rarely wore it because it wasn't all that comfortable but since I purchased my new shapeez without the underwire I wear it all the time. It is so comfortable and gives me as much support as the old one and still gives my body a great shape! I love it!


I absolutely love these. I will never wear another bra.

Extremely Happy ☺

Love my new Silkee Tankees! 💕 Great fit, will definitely re-order again 👍 I've tried a number of Shapeez products and have liked them a lot, but this one I LOVE and it's become my new favourite. Thanks for making such a wonderful product 🙏

The Silkee Long
Best bra for large busts

This is the best bra I’ve ever worn. The fabric is soft on the skin, comfortable, excellent support, and fits well - true to size, and stays in place. Excellent support for large busts, love the full coverage (busts stay in the cups), remarkable shoulders and back relief. This bra is easy to put on and take off, it washes (hand wash) well and completely recovers its shape. You will appreciate how this bra makes your clothes fit and you will look and feel great wearing it. I have worn this bra for years, but this is my first review. I highly I recommend this bra to anyone.

Comfeez Long
Linda P.
Best I have tried!

I like this camasole very much. It is comfortable and the fabric is very nice. I have tried many many brands along this idea of support and comfort...and this one is the best!

Very comfy

I really like these PJs. Really comfortable.

The Ultimate
Beulah F.
my Ultimate

I have had back troubles for years but my Ultimate gives me relief from back pain. They are the best!.

The Shortee
Sarah M.
I'll Never Buy Another Brand of Bras!

I've fallen in love with the Shortee. This is the ONLY bra that works for me because I can't even tell I'm wearing a bra. No more constantly tugging at the shoulder or back straps and, most importantly, no more "back bulge"! It smooths me and gives me the confidence I need to wear any shirt. I also think this bra "breathes" because I have less sweat under my breasts.

The Silkee Tankee
Silkee Tankee Woohoo! Why didn't they have this sooner?!!

I love all the Shapeez bras but I think the tankee is my favorite. It is low enough in back to be covered by all my tank tops and lower back sweaters but high enough to suck everything in! I have loved and worn Shapeez for the past 20+ years and can't wear any other type of bra anymore, they are just not comfortable or the tags scratch me and my form is not not nearly as beautiful. They also last a long time, years in fact because I know....and I rarely need to replace them even after thousands of washing and wearing. What more can I say??? Try them! You'll love them!

I'm always satisfied with my Shapeez purchases

I have been wearing the tankee long for more than 10 years. It's a must in my closet. It smoothes me out, makes me have a beautiful shape and gives me the confidence that I look my best. My size is large DD. I love that this style is not padded, I can't handle making my bust line even bigger than my normal, besides so stiff. I wish that a longer version, to wear under dresses, would be available. There's nothing good enough out there. When there is, it's padded... Bummer! I don't think I'm the only one looking for that.

The Ultimate
Stephanie E.
Goodbye back fat!

I absolutely I’ve how this fits. It is so light and stretchy it is comfortable all day in the classroom.

Best Bra Ever

I have worn the Ultimate Pretty for 5 years. It is the absolute best bra. No pulling at the straps or binding. Thank you, Shapeez!

The Tankee Short
Maureen S.
Love, love, love! I don't want to wear any other bra. Great fit; smooths my back.

Highly recommend this tankee bra!