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"With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down."

Photo of Founder/Creator Staci Berner

— Staci Berner, Shapeez Creator

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Nice bra!

This bra is very comfortable. I do wish that it went a little lower in the cleavage part, doesn't need to come up so high, but for the most part, I'm pretty happy with it and will be ordering more of them.

The Silkee Short
Randeen V.
Love this bra!!

The Silkee Short is so comfortable and looks wonderfully smooth under tee shirts, dresses, everything! No back fat! I’m getting another.


I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about spending $99 for a bra, but I have tried so many different bras and NONE of them have given me the back smoothing like SHAPEEZ!! It is so comfortable that you forget you're wearing it! I followed the sizing instructions and it fits perfectly!
I'll be ordering a couple more bras and I won't be wearing anything else but SHAPEEZ from now on!

No more back fat!

Finally found a bra that hides the back fat. Comfortable all day and doesn't ride up. Love the silkee short.


Love love love!

The Silkee Long
Laura M.
Small improvement needed

I am in love with this product for many reasons. Comfort being #1. I have a small improvement that would make it perfect. For the cups to be more stretchy so they fit all types of cups better. I have a large chest and when I bought the softer cups they were about a cup smaller than the padded cups and had no give to them. Would love to see that change. Keep up the good work and thanks for asking for my suggestion. It goes to show how much you care about the people wearing your product!

Hi Laura,
Glad to hear you love Shapeez. The Foam cups we offer are on the big size. The Silkee cups are more true to size and are made from a double laminated rigid (non stretch) fabric to offer support that doesn’t sag or stretch out during the day. We recommend sizing up by 1 cup from our foam cups.

Shapeez Concierge

The Silkee Tankee
Stephanie G.
Great bra with one flaw

I love the Shapeez bras. I’ve had 5 of them. My only issue with them is the length. The Silkee Tankee is quite long. I have a short torso making the bra about three inches too long. I have to have them hemmed. Perhaps torso length could be another measurement to consider.

Silkee Tankee

These bras are my new fave! I have quite a few, and wear one every day… even while playing golf!

Too much padding

I am a DD cup, I don't need any more volume to my bust, this padding makes me look horrible. I certainly need a slip to wear under dresses, though. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem. Please make the Silkee Tankee hit my knee. The pattern is already made, the only thing needed is to extend the hem to make it longer. How hard is that? As for the padded pieces you make... no thanks.

The best bra that exists

There is nothing out there that compares to the Silkee Tankee. This bra is great: the material, the fit, the thinning effect, the comfort, everything! This particular style allows me to wear more summer's clothes styles, that have a low cut back. The next thing I need to ask Shapeez to do is to make it longer, just above the knee, so we can look smooth under dresses. I've been looking for this for more than 10 years, when I bought my first Shapeez bra. I never found one that has the level of Silkee Tankee (no padding on the bra, smooth fitting, not too constrictive, not too hot fabric, covering my thighs, and being a real bra.) Please guys, you just need to extend the hem until it's close to the knees. I'm sure you'll get a another market that will make you proud.

The Ultimate
Maite L.

I found one of these shapers by accident. So I decided to buy another one. These are great.....no poking or feeling like you're wearing a boa constrictor.

The Ultimate
Barbara G.
So comfortable

I love these products! Not hot and covers the loose stuff you wish you didn't have!

Feel like a new woman!

Love the Ultimate Pretty! I love the back smoothing. I do not need the slight padding in the cups, but otherwise it is a great addition to my daily wardrobe.

The best

So glad you created this bra. Been waiting for Shapeez to design it, and it's so pretty!

The Silkee Long
Cathy W.
An excellent Company to do business with!

Each time I call Shapeez I get the best information a customer could ask for. Ordered 2 Shapeez Silkee Long and received great customer service. The bras came, I tried them on and unfortunately they were the wrong size.
When I called to find out how to return them I was surprised at how wonderful they were.
The new ones came quickly and I’ll be their customer forever!

The Shortee
Paula B.
Love it!

Absolutely love the bra. Customer service representative was extremely helpful in getting the right size.
I like the smooth feel of the back with no hooks or fasteners.

The Shortee
Robin S.
Best Bra ever!!

This bra is so comfortable! Great support and covers back fat!! Would love to see in more colors

Comfeez Long
Shapeez Wireless long Bralette

I was surprised at how much I liked this new Shapeez. Usually I have found some wireless bras still give too much pressure under the cups and my ribs get sore. This wireless Shapeez seems to be just what I wanted. I purchased the same size as my regular long Shapeez Ultra Medium C and it worked out beautifully.

I love this bralette

I’ve been wearing the full length underwire for several years because of issues with my spine. Recently I have not been able to wear them anymore for the same reason. I took a chance and ordered the Comfeez Long. I love it so much that I have ordered two more. I think my spine actually feels better when I’m wearing it. Obviously it’s not the same support as the underwire, but it’s perfect for every day wear. Thank you!

I only wear Shapeez

Very comfortable..I take out the pads; I never use them. I feel this bra improves my posture. I walk and stand taller.

The Best Pj's I've ever had!

Now I understand the difference between cheap and more expensive Pajamas! You get what you pay for. These pajamas or lounge wear will last so much longer. They are excellent quality and wash like a dream. They are so soft, comfortable and elegent. Honestly I wish I could live in them. I bought a short set and a long set and can interchange them. I believe that I’ll have these a lifetime! So glad I decided to splurge because really I saved so much money because I bought this investment for my own comfort. Yes, initially they are expensive but in the long run your actually saving money by buying quality pieces that last.

P E R F E C T !!!!!!!!!!

At age 64, I can no longer tolerate underwires. This piece is a perfect replacement, without wire and the added benefit of a stomach tuck-in.

Love these!

I love these lounge pants and the pajamas, they are so comfortable!

The Silkee Tankee
Karen S.
Great product!

I have purchased Shapeez products for several years and like them alot.

The Silkee Short
Rebecca M.
It's a great buy!

I love it! I will tell my friends and family about it and it's a 10!