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So Very Feminine

I love these soft, light weight and feminine pj set.

I've gotten the BLACK set with white lace on sleeves and bottoms ... I'm saving up for the grey set.

Perfect for summer pjs and those ladies that get hot in
longer pajamas.

Best Bra

This is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn!! I have a been a lifelong bra hater until I found this bra!! I will never wear anything else!

Almost perfect!

Been looking for this type of bra slip for special occasion dresses. Almost perfect. It does have a tendency to ride up over time but I am still happy with it. So happy that I bought it in two colors. Add something to stop the ride up and it gets five stars.

A Perfect Bra

What’s not to like about this bra ! It does EVERYTHING advertised especially in the back area. A great investment.

Love N It!

As a wearer of the Shapeez Ultimate for 10 years, I can truly say it is the best I have ever worn and believe me, I have worn numerous brands trying to find the one! The Ultimate is the gem! I just wish they would use it to make a long line with legs as this type is much more comfortable than the slip as I have found many of those 'ride up." I cannot vouch for the Shapeez brand slip, but others I have tried do ride up. So, Shapeez, I challenge you to make a full body with legs made with the ultimate body......I would purchase it!!

Best Bras Ever!

I love these bras. I have ordered many and will continue to do so! The slimming support is phenomenal.

Does the Job

I bought one over a year ago and just bought two more. Because you can order a cup size with the body size this works for me. Learning the trick to step into and pull up made it much easier to put on. Smooths my unwanted rolls and gives me more confidence in looking good. Bought the full coverage. They are expensive, but make clothes look much better.

Long tankee

This is the only bra I wear… got years. I would never wear anything else❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

No more underwire for me’

Super comfortable and to my surprise the cups held the girls up superbly! Some days you must need comfy, light and easy. Try the bralette you’ll see.. 😁

Great style

The fit is good. Extremely comfortable to wear.

Not only does this bra make all my clothes fit better and look better but it supports my back where I had a fractured vertebra a few years ago. I can wear this bra all day and into the evening comfortably— not so with any other bra I have tried no matter how much I paid for it or who fitted it for me. Would never give this one up. Have recommended it to friends who also have back issues.

Excellent fit!

Love this bra!

My favorite bra, but you need to have a lighter color for underneath white tops

The Best Bras EVER!

These are the best bras ever! I tell everyone. I can't wait until they come out with a half bra and a halter bra. I know If they did. It would be yet another win for Shapeez!


I have bought other back slimming bras, but in reality they are just regular bras. This is the only one that fits your back properly and truly does slim. I feel way more confident in my clothes wearing this bra.

The most comfortable bras I have ever worn. Will definitely continue to order.

While I can wear the Med C Cup, I am wondering if a Small C would not fit me better. Normal Bra Size 36 C.

the best way to know your body size in our bras is to measure your upper chest.
If you are 33-34' you would be our Small D. If you measure 35-37' you will be Medium C.
We are thrilled you found your perfect bra!

Best kept secret!

This is the best kept secret for looking great in your clothes. They are expensive but worth the investment. The product is not too heavy to wear in the summer months and adds a nice layer when it's cold outside. I'm 69 and still get compliments for how I dress. This product is one of the reasons why!!

Comfy and Best service ever

First time wearing Shapeez and I was very unsure of my sizing. I measured based in their measurements and the customer service team even called before shipping to verify I was in the right size since I was right on the edge of 2 different sizes. I received my order and it wasn’t perfect. We spent some time on another call and I received my new size and it was perfect! Love the bra, at a 34DD it isn’t easy to say a bra is comfortable but this one is!

You just don’t get service like this anywhere anymore. Kudos to Shapeez!!

Looking Good

Have been wearing these for years. Unfortunately, I had to go to an XL but Customer Service steered me in the right direction.

This is my new favorite bra

I love this tankee. It fits perfectly and looks great under my clothes. Best of all it keeps everything where it should be. Their customer service is exceptional as well. I ordered the wrong size initially and a representative from shapeez recognized this and called me to confirm my order and get me the correct size before they sent it.

Love them!

Just what I was looking for!

Best Bra Ever!

I'm not a big person but I have "loose" skin.. Shapeez keeps my back smooth and it's so comfortable!

Best Sports Bra

This sports bra stays put while making “The sisters” look fluffy and my back look smooth. I wear this sport bra more than any bra I own. Sure wish it came in other colors!!!

Sherry's Shapeez

I am very happy with my SHAPEEZ bra. It doesn't roll up, the straps are comfortable, and the bra truly does minimize. The fit is great, except I need a larger cup size with my next purchase.


As a former retailer i promoted this c company and now i am buying gas a consumer.A wonderful comfortable back smoothing bra