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    Best Shapewear For Back Fat

    Shapewear is designed with comfort in mind. If you have stubborn back fat, there are many types of shapewear  to help.

    There are a few different types of back-smoothing shapewear on the market, so it's essential to find the one that fits your needs. If you're looking for something to wear daily, look for a shaping slip or bodysuit to help smooth your silhouette without being too constricting.

    For special occasions when you want to look your best, try a high-waisted shaping brief that will slim your tummy and lower back, and give you extra support. If you're looking for something to wear under a fitted dress or top, try a shaping camisole that will provide you with a seamless look.

    What Is Back Fat, And Why Do We Have It?

    Back fat is simply the accumulation of adipose tissue (fat cells) in the posterior region of the body. And, as you might have guessed, it's generally considered aesthetically undesirable.

    Various factors contribute to the development of back fat, including genetics, hormone levels, and diet/exercise habits. However, one of the main contributors is excess weight/body fat in general. The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have back fat.

    Fortunately, losing weight and burning body fat throughdiet and exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate back fat (and all other types of unwanted body fat). So if you're looking to slim down your back, focus on overall weight loss and toning exercises such as cardio, strength training, and yoga.

    Notably, spot reduction (targeting specific areas for fat loss) is not a realistic or sustainable approach. While particular exercises can help tone and strengthen the muscles in your back, you won't see significant results without also implementing a healthy and balanced diet and overall weight loss plan.

    And finally, don't forget about proper posture! Standing up straight and maintaining good posture can help make your back appear slimmer and more toned. So be sure to regularly focus on keeping those shoulders back and chest lifted.

    Shaping Up With Shapewear

    Shapewear is an excellent way to reduce back fat. The best shapewear garments provide a tight fit around your stomach, hips, and thighs, which can be accomplished by wearing corsets or girdles. When selecting these items, they're made from materials that will hold up over time, so you don't need frequent replacements like tummy control tops (which could be costly).

    The Different Styles Of Shapewear That Can Help With Back Fat

    The best way to get the perfect shapewear for your body type is by finding out what garments work well with it. There's high waisted, hipster or briefs, and there are also various back fat-reducing panels available in different styles, such as corsets which can be worn underneath clothing so you don't feel self-conscious about how much fat might show through if they're not entirely hiding the problem areas such as love handles!

    After choosing a few options from each category, It is recommended to shop online because buying these items online often saves money compared to picking them up at retail stores near home. 

    Longline Bras

    The perfect solution for those who want a more seamless look is those long-line bras designed to smooth the middle of your back and reduce rolls. These types tend to have larger bands that ensure they stay in place no matter what you're doing or where adventure may take you.

    Open-Bust Body Shapers

    It might be considered better to wear open-bust body shapers than just going straight bodysuit. Having those same benefits plus being able to wear whatever bra suits us personally, from wide-set adjustable bra straps to lowkey turtle neck styles. 

    Posture Correctors

    The innovative design of the posture corrector aims to target back fat and slumped shoulders. It compresses the bra, smoothing out any rolls around your bustline while encouraging you to sit up straight.

    Arm Shapers

    Wearing arm compression garments is a great way to slim your back and take care of any unwanted flab in the arms. The garment will compress, tightening up this area, so it's easier for you to manage.

    Waist Cinchers

    Waist cinchers don't just focus on one area as most clothing styles do. Wearing a vest-style waist trainer or cincher can give you the same shape and support as it does for your abs, but this famous shaper also helps smooth out the backside.

    Shaping Vests

    To get rid of those pesky love handles, you need a garment to help target the midsection and eliminate bulges from your upper back. Shaping vests are designed for this very purpose. Made with wide straps in addition to shaping cups around our bodies' natural curves, these garments provide support where it's needed most: across the back, under arms, and across the lower stomach area.

    The perfect solution doesn't often exist, but we've found one. Eliminate unwanted fat cells by wearing shapewear such as "shaped" shirts, "body-shapers," or even an excellent compression tank top. Shapewear is designed to smooth out your silhouette by compressing your midsection, making you look thinner.

    How To Choose The Right Type Of Shapewear For Your Body Types

    There are five main body shapes, but there can be many shapes and sizes. While the numbers will vary from person to person, your shape indicates which shapewear items work best for you.


    The "modern" hourglass figure is a new trend in women's fashion. It features an hourglass body with a slimmer waist, wide hips, dropped shoulders, similar width neckline due to using shapewear such as high-waisted control briefs or bras, which will help accentuate your curves while smoothing out any bumps you may have when wearing certain outfits. This type of figure has been gaining popularity over the past few years.


    If you're an apple, your weight tends to settle around the middle. You'll have narrow hips with broad shoulders. 

    To make sure everything looks good, though, there should always be some room in your pants, so use high waist control briefs. If fashion doesn't matter much, try getting bodysuits at your local lingerie store.


    With an up-and-down shape, like a rectangle. Your shoulders align with your hips.

    You might need shapewear or corsets/bustiers that help define those problem areas where most people draw their outlines - waistline and the buttock region. For back fat, useback smoothing shapewear with foam padding to accentuate your figure.


    Pear body types have a smaller bust, slimmer shoulders, and waistline. The shapely figure is optimal when wearing the correct lingerie to create a balance between shoulder-slimming shorts or high-waisted shaping briefs with an open back for maximum confidence, among other things that will show off your curves in all their glory.


    Those with a strawberry body type will have broad shoulders, ample busts, and slimmer waistlines. This type of figure may need corsets or bustiers to create curves in the right places, but could use a little compression around the back to help with troublesome back fat.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How long does it take to tone your back?

    It can take quite some time totone your back if you have back fat. This is due, in part, to the fact that it takes a lot of work (and patience) to reduce body fat overall. However, there are some things you can do to help expedite the process and see results more quickly.

    First and foremost, focus on incorporating regular strength-training exercises into your routine. These will help build muscle mass and burn calories essential for reducing body fat. Additionally, try to focus on healthy eating habits and ensure you're getting enough protein and fiber—both of which play a crucial role in weight loss. And lastly, be patient! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your toned back. Keep at it, and you'll start to see results in no time.

    Can I work out my back every day?

    You should work out your back two or three times per week with rest days in between. Working out too much can harm you and prevent the proper recovery of muscles, which is why it's essential to listen carefully when your body begins to show signs that it’s time to rest and recover properly.

    Do pushups tone your back?

    The pushup is a chest exercise, but it also helps to strengthen your back. In addition, doing reps of these can help tone and build muscle in the area you are working out, providing an even better-looking body shape.

    Does shapewear help with back fat?

    Shapewear can be a game changer for your back fat. Not only will it help you eliminate the muffin tops that have been dimpling over time, but most importantly, shapewear helps flatten out all those problem areas on both sides where there is extra mass!

    What can I wear to hide back fat?

    If you are looking for ways to hide back fat, an outfit styling tip is choosing clothing with two-finger gaps in the waistband. Wear loose tops rather than tight-fitting dresses; this will help gravity pull your arms down and away from unwanted bulges or rolls under the armpit area, where most women store extra body fat.

    Avoid strapless bras as well--the lack of support can make us look pillowy. Instead, shop for styles that offer much more coverage, so there'll be no problem finding something perfect.

    What is the best shapewear for tummy and back fat?

    Women worldwide use shapewear to control their midsection and back fat. The best garment type for this purpose is extreme tummy control suits, which can be found in every undergarment market or online shopping site imaginable.

    Final Thoughts

    Back fat is the unsightly bulge many people have on their backs, just above their buttocks. Various things can cause this extra layer of padding, but luckily there are several different styles of shapewear that can help smooth it out.

    We've outlined the best options for back fat and why each is effective, so check outShapeez’s back-smoothing solutions for more information. 

    Staci Berner
    Staci Berner

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