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Shapeez Discount Rack

The Shapeez Discount Rack has great deals on garments that deliver all the support, comfort and shaping you love, at a price that's super smooth.

What you'll find here are discontinued items, product returns, or garments with slight defects that keeps us from selling them as new. The defects can include discoloration, fabric imperfections, stitching irregularities, etc. However, each item functions perfectly and most defects will usually not be noticed.

And remember, Shapeez uses bra-sized measuring and so your Shapeez size will be different than your normal bra size. If this is your first time buying a Shapeez bra then be sure that your measurements are correct as Discount Rack items are non-returnable.

I understand that all sales are final for any item bought in the Shapeez Discount Rack. They cannot be returned or exchanged and are bought as-is. The Shapeez Discount Rack is for Domestic (USA) sales only.