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Shapeez products are always a big hit with anyone who puts one on —from professional stylists and TV personalities, to lingerie boutiques and clothing buyers, to women all over North America. And for good reason: Shapeez delivers all the comfort, smoothing, support, shaping, and slimming that allows women to look great and feel confident in all their clothes.

Shapeez in the Media


May 8, 2017

Your Best Spring Shaper

“Features a built-in underwire bra to boost the bust and lightweight Spandex to smooth over any bulges in the belly, love handles and back for a trimmer, more shapely silhouette.”

Featured Product: The Tankee Long



May 8, 2017

8 Slimming Garments That Are More Comfortable Than Spanx

“No matter how in shape you are and how low your body fat percentage may be, annoying back fat is one problem almost every woman struggles to hide. But not with this Shapeez tank... ”

Featured Product: The Tankee Long



Mar 26, 2017

Shapeeze Bra Review

“This bra is superb. Who knew a bra could feel good, hold your shape, and look invisible when under clothes. Importantly it lifts and separates your breasts and smooths your curves.”

Featured Product: The Silkee Short



Mar 23, 2017

The Number 1 Trick That Makes All Your Clothes Look Good

“There is one very easy trick to making all your clothes look good (even when you're wearing your own 34-year-old Duran Duran t-shirt - the oldest piece of clothing I own by a very, very long way). That number 1 trick? Get your underwear right.”

Featured Product: The Silkee Long


Cityline TV

Aired: January 13, 2017

The Perfect Shapewear Style for Every Woman

“Stylist, Lynn Spence shows Cityline’s host Tracy Moore some of her favorite new Shapeez back-smoothing bras and how they smooth and lift for a better look and feel.”

Featured Products: The Ultimate, The Tankee Slip, The Silkee Long



December 20, 2016

Elimina Las Marcas del Brasier con el Nuevo Shapeez

“Mantén tu busto firme y seguro sin la incomodidad de las marcas del brasier en tu espalda!” Dice Staci, creador del innovador producto de debut de Shapeez, the Tankee Long.”

Featured Product: The Tankee Long



November 2016

Rock Your Body with Shapeez

“Their back-smoothing bras and body shapers get you all sleek and smooth without stuffing, squeezing and pinching you into an uncomfortable abyss like many popular shapewear brands. Which is why you'll never find me in those red-carpet bandages and corsets, and why I thought I was resigned to go it without the aid of any help.”

Featured Product: The Demee Long



September 26, 2016

Editor Tested Shapewear

“I highly recommend this for fuller busted women! It’s comfortable, provides great support (without bulky padding), and it gave me the perfect amount of smoothing right where I needed it. Plus, no one can tell you’re wearing it—nothing showed under my clothes or rode up!”

Featured Product: The Silkee Long



September 14, 2016

The Best Undergarments and Shapewear for Every Outfit

“If you're wearing something fitted up top and you want to minimize the size of your bust without running the risk of back bulges caused by visible bra lines, try on this two layered non-foam and non stretch fabric bra. It comes with adjustable straps and has no back bands or closures, which makes it look practically invisible. ”

Featured Product: The Silkee Short



September, 2016

Recession Busters

“The Shapeez Tankee Slip features a lower back neckline and cut-in shoulders that make it virtually invisible under sleeveless fashion and dresses.”

Featured Product: The Tankee Slip



August, 2016

The Sleekest Tank

“Clingy tops, meet your match: It’s a bra, a tummy-trimmer, and a back-smoother.”

Featured Product: The Tankee Long



July, 2016

Moldeado a 360°

“...nace con el propósito de crear prendas que eliminen los antiestéticos rollitos que se forman bajo el sujetador, en la espalda y en la cintura, para que las mujeres se sientan bellas incluso con los tops más ceñidos.”

Featured Product: The Demee Long



March 14, 2016

Feel Great in Sleeveless Tops

“To hide underarm bulge, you may need more than just a basic bra. Shapeez tops have a built-in bra, but they also smooth the entire torso, eliminating any bulges near the armholes.”

Featured Product: The Ultimate Pretty



February, 2016

Melt a Muffin Top – Stat!

“Need a sexy cami that can also hide bulges under the snuggest of tops? Look no further than this lacy new torso trimmer from Shapeez. The figure-firming fabric and sleek construction eliminates bra lines while masking lumps, bumps and rolls. You'll be one smooth siren a la Kourtney Kardashian!”

Featured Product: The Demee Long



November 30, 2015

Look 5 Lbs Thinner With The Right Bra

“Dresses with a full-back coverage make the body look longer and leaner. But the bulge that tends to form above and below a standard bra band can break up the slimming effect of the dress. The fix? A tank-like bra with a full-back panel that covers a wider area to smooth any back fat without sacrificing support in the front.”

Featured Product: The Shortee


Fox 45 Morning

Aired: October 11, 2015

The Ultimate is Gonna Be Your Best Friend

“"This is designed to get rid of back bulges, it gets rid of the visible bra lines, it smooths any muffin top, and gives you breast support. It slims the waist, the tummy, the back."”

Featured Product: The Ultimate


Redbook Online

October, 2015

Best Shapewear Solutions

“...we asked a few good women to test dozens of shapewear styles catered to their targeted trouble areas...”

Featured Product: The Tankee Long



August, 2015

Shopping Spree

“Shapeez Sportee Sports bra with breathable mesh-back bra designed to minimize bounce.”

Featured Product: The Sportee



April, 2015

Great Sportsmanship

“Minimize a uniboob with the Sportee by Shapeez. The underwire molded foam cups offer separation and smooths out your form, while the mesh back offers breathability and slims back fat.”

Featured Product: The Sportee



December 8, 2014

Your Best Shaper - Smooth Back Bulge

“Boasting a high tank-like back, the Shapeez Shortee eliminates the bra squeeze that causes bulges. Plus, the molded underwire cups support, shape, and lift the bust, making it well worth the high price.”

Featured Product: The Shortee


Rachael Ray

Aired: October 8, 2014

"Human Lab" segment

“Rachael Ray and Style/Fashion Expert and Commentator, Liliana Vasquez, try out the Shapeez Ultimate on an audience member, with impressive results.”

Featured Product: The Ultimate



August 4, 2014

Banish back fat!

“Make back bulges disappear with a specially engineered bra that spreads tension evenly throughout the back band—eliminating lumps and bumps! A camisole-style bra—made of breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from the body—will keep your entire torso looking smooth.”

Featured Product: The Tankee Short



July 7, 2014

Baby Got Back (Fat)!

“Caldwell speaks the cold hard truth about back fat: "Unless you're made of steel, a well-fitting bra will inevitably push into your skin. If it's not, then the band is too loose and it won't have the support you need up front, where it really counts." To combat the problem, try a bra with smooth tank top-like coverage such as this one from Shapeez. Go for nudes instead of white—they totally disappear!”

Featured Product: The Shortee



March 10, 2014

Look Younger and Thinner in Minutes

“Admittedly, we were a little skeptical that this bra would be worth the price, but when we saw the way the sturdy tank (made of breathable Lycra) instantly eliminated back rolls and how beautifully the molded underwire cups supported and shaped the bust, we were sold!”

Featured Product: The Shortee



March, 2014

The Best Bra for Your Body

“Whatever your size or shape, you can find the perfect fit. The flab-smoothing, cami-like back goes almost to your waist.”

Featured Product: The Shortee



December, 2013

Silueta Delgada !y en forma!

“El Tankee Slip de Shapeez es una combinación de brassière completo y fajavestido modelador del euerpo diseñado para llevar debajo de vestidos y faldas. El Tankee Slip hace lucir tu siluets más delgada y en forma porque sujeta el peso de todo tu cuerpo mientras abraza tus curvas. Esta a la venta en”

Featured Product: The Tankee Slip



December, 2013

Thinner by Dinner

Get Stacy Keibler-sleek with Shapeez's "Ultimate" bra-and-tank combo, a back-smoothing shaper that eliminates unsightly lumps and bumps.

Featured Product: The Ultimate Pretty



December 2013 / January 2014

The Best for Smoothing Back Fat

This sleek bra-and-tank-in-one eliminates lumps and bumps, and the nylon-Lycra wicks away moisture.

Featured Product: The Ultimate Pretty



July, 2013

The Breast Bet

Whether baby's size in comparable to a kumquat, mango or watermelon, flatter your bump with a look that suits your shape. No matter which fruit best describes your bod, a correctly fitting bra is the base for dressing your best.

Featured Product: The Silkee Short



February, 2013

Insider Style Secrets, by Jacqui Stafford

I hate my back fat. Is there anything I can do?
Yes, I know. I've heard it a gazillion times, which is why I always bring this out whenever one of my clients rears the ugly back fat conversation: Shapeez Unbelievabra Tankee Short. It's an ingenious cross between a body-shaping cropped cami and a bra that miraculously smooths away any back fat. Voila!

Featured Product: The Tankee Short



January, 2013

Party in the front, business in the back!

Eliminate side rolls with Shapeez's The Shortee bra — its rear panel extends to the waist. Bonus: Undewire foam cups support cleavage while keeping it from spilling over a low-cut blouse.

Featured Product: The Tankee Short



December 2012 / January 2013

The Best Shapewear for Your Body

Cut so it's invisible under sleeveless styles, this tank is made with sleek, lightweight Lycra.

Featured Product: The Tankee Short



August 2012

A Q&A with Staci Berner, Founder & President, Shapeez

By 2005 she'd had enough. She ripped apart her old bras, sat down at the sewing machine and created an undergarment that accentuated her shape in the front without ruining it in the back.

Featured Product: The Ultimate



August 2012

Seamless Tank

Its bra goes up to an F, and the stretchy fabric gives your back and stomach a bulge-free look.

Featured Product: The Silkee Long



June, 2012

2012 Best Bras - Back Smoother

A unique, full-coverage back delivers an absolutely line-free look for those outfits that might otherwise reveal every bulge.

Featured Product: The Shortee



Aired: May, 2012

Too small for Today Show's Kathy Lee Gifford?

The Today show's, Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb have fun with Shapeez.

Featured Product: All Styles