About Shapeez - We manufacture and distribute our patented line of back smoothing bras and shapewear solutions that provide 360° degree of luxurious shaping, support, slimming, and smoothing.

About Shapeez

Shapeez Co-Founder and President, Staci BernerIn 2005 Shapeez co-founder Staci Berner was determined to find a supportive yet comfortable bra that didn’t solve one problem and cause another. After trying everything on the market and being completely disillusioned and disappointed with all of them, she took matters into her own hands. With an old bra in hand and some stretch fabric, she cleverly stitched together a garment that would meet all her needs. The evolution of undergarments began and Shapeez was formed.

The Shapeez brand now manufactures 12 unique and patented styles proudly manufactured in North America using the highest quality, environmentally conscious components. Shapeez products are based on the notion that a woman does not have to compromise to have a bra that delivers 360 degrees of shaping, support and comfort. Our garments give a woman confidence right off the hanger, and are beloved by stylists, celebrities, and women around the world.

Shapeez is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland and sells through retail specialty stores in North America —and worldwide via the internet. Shapeez has appeared in world-wide magazines, major network television shows, local media coverage and numerous blogs to rave reviews. See our In The Media section for more, and our Become a Shapeez Retailer page to join the Shapeez family!