QUOTE: Hands down

"With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down."

Photo of Founder/Creator Staci Berner

— Staci Berner, Shapeez Creator

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Wonderful shaper for grandmother of the bride

This shaper really made a difference for my formal dress at my granddaughter's wedding. The dress fit in all the right places making it so much more flattering, smoothing out back fat pudge and lifting bust.

Demee Short
Martie V.
My favorite bra EVER please bring it back

This bra makes me look amazing. I don't understand why they are discontinued. I have searched the internet and bought up everyone I can find. It has amazing support, it's beautiful, and the LIFT. All I can say is wow. Doesn't look like a bra for older people either. It's sexy and functional.


Very comfortable wear these daily!

Don't hesitate --- BUY, you will love it

Ladies, I'm 60 have worn 44 DDD for 15 years and feel so "cool" again after getting the right fit. Shapeez has been wonderful. I have worn a shaper slip for years...........and can't find them anywhere. I stumbled upon Shapeez and will never look elsewhere. I used the chart and ordered an XL DDD and could barely squeeze into the body of the shaper. Called customer service and the ladies assured me based on my measurements I'd fit in an 1XDD....I was very skeptical but WOW...........I't fits PERFECTLY. Their customer service was very helpful and caring and assured me they would make sure I found a good fit. Don't hesitate, it is wonderful and very uplifting!

Great investment

The Silkee Short bra is one of the best bras I have ever worn. The other bra is the Shapeez Silkee Long (when I need abdominal support). The Shapeez bras are a great investment, they are comfortable and provide excellent support for large busts. Thank you Staci Berner.

Awesome! A real problem solver in my wardrobe. Wear it even more than I thought I would. Customer Service was excellent to steer me to the right size and product. Highly recommend!


Absolutely love it!! Smoothed me right out ! I highly recommended this product!! Worth every penny!

Sleepy Time Gal

These bamboo pjs are so cute and comfy I can’t wait to put them on at night…in fact, I wear them around the house a lot, why wait to wear such cozy cuteness just at bedtime?

Best So Far

This is a supportive, smooth under t-shirt, back smoothing bra. Solves all of the usual problems that other bras have... gives lift support and separation without cutting into the back. It's expensive but overall a great bra!!

Absolutely Love!!!

I absolutely love this bra!! It completely hides any back bulges. It literally is the only bra I wear now because of how big the difference is and how comfortable it is. Will definitely be ordering more!

Best back smoother!

I’ve tried several “back smoothing bras” and all they did was push the skin down or to the side where it would still bulge. I am so thrilled with this Shapeez tankee! Super comfortable and supportive. Bought the full tankee and can’t wait to get it!


I've been buying these shapers for MANY years now ( probably 20). I LOVE THEM!!!
Not only do they give a smooth line through clothing but they actually help give me some back support ( I've had 4 levels of lumbar fusion).
I like the higher back because IMO, it is the best for wearing with knits so you don't get a line.
They are so comfortable. Just recently I had to size down because of a dramatic wight loss and the mediums work great for me now.

Very nice

I love the silkee long because its a minimizer and shaper in one. Its also pretty, comfortable and well made.

They don’t stick. What’s the point?

They slide around

Hi Linda,
You are correct. The Nippeez do not have any adhesive. If you want some with adhesive, you want the STICKEEZ.


Wonderful garment!

I am absolutely thrilled with my "The Ultimate" garment! It fits great, doesn't lose its shape and is so comfy. Thank you!

Treat “your girls” to comfy Comfeez!

I’ve been wearing Shapeez Ultimate and Tankee exclusively for more than 10 years, in fact, can’t and wouldn’t live without either of those styles UNTIL I discovered Shapeez. ! Do yourself a favor and try this new style! No underwire and still great support and the no back fat that Shapeez is known for plus you’ve got a great looking lace camisole for a sexy look under low cut tops or peeking out from a blazer.
I ordered one and then reordered three more once I tried it on. No cup size required so if you are like me and wear a Medium D in Shapeez , order a Medium in the Comfeez..
Comes in white or black but I’m hoping for nude in the future.

25 again

When I put that slip on I saw my 25 year old body. I couldn't remember a time that I looked better in my life. I immediately put on a very tight knit dress that never looked good . I felt like like a goddess! What 67 year old says that? I called all my friends to let them know that I had found the most dramatic body body transformation of all times. My butt lifted and projected like I had never experienced. I had tried Spanx in the past. It was uncomfortable and rolled up. Thank you for your
invaluable garment. I will be your customer for life

I love this bra. I know need a bigger size as 1xddd

Why do the sizes stop at 1X DD I need a 1xddd. I have tried all the other sizes. To recap I love this bra. I am lost without it.

1XDDD is available in the Silkee styles.

Comfort and support

I found these bras years ago. I keep coming back because they offer the most support of any bra I've ever owned, and the best part is they are also the most comfortable bra I've ever owned.

Bought for my partner and she loves it makes her feel better in her clothes

Smooth as silk

Just received my first Silkee and love it. The fit is perfect and I’ll definitely be purchasing another very soon in black. My sister recommended it and I’m so grateful.

Very pleased

I pull my Shapeez up over my hips being careful to use my finger tips and not my nails. It pulls up smoothly and adjusts easily into place. The cup size seems generous. I probably could have gotten away with a DD instead of a DDD. I love the smooth look to my back—no more back fat! I will definitely order again.

Goodbye bra

I love my shapeez. I’ve bought 4 and will buy many more. I used to walk into my house taking my bra off. Not anymore. The shapeez is so comfortable I wear one every day. No cutting into your back or sides like a bra does. Just a smooth look and feel. My reason for purchasing my first was to make me look slimmer and it works

Clothes look better and my back feels great

A product I didn’t know I needed. Clothes look great over this bra. Plus my back is well supported. No low back pain! No wonder I’m smiling