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"With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down."

— Staci Berner, Shapeez Creator

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Best Bra Ever

When I first ordered I ordered a XL D. Realized I could of ordered a L D. I did order a (Large D) in Black and White. They are my go to bras. I need something to smooth out back fat and underarm fat. These are not hot at all and wear them year around in Florida heat. Love them.

Silkee Short Bra

The bra performs exactly as stated. Very comfortable if you like underwire bras. The back is soft, fits well (if you get your sizing correct). The straps are very comfortable, sturdy, adjust if needed. Sizing can be a little tricky. Can be difficult to pull on as there is not an opening like traditional bras. The company will gladly accept returns, which is excellent! I recommend this type of bra for a specific look in an outfit.

My 4th Time Ordering!

I’ve worn the long tankees for years and have convinced many friends to do the same. The tankees last forever and do not roll up—EVER! I’ll never know why women waste their money on Spanx, in my opinion a far inferior product.

My favorite bra Eve!!!!!

This Tankee long fits me the best! Second best is the Ultimate! I absolutely love these bras!!! SO VERY COMFORTABLE and I love the way they hold my tummy, midsection and back fat in!!!
Thank you Shapeez!!!! As an older lady, I wish you had a foam insert or extra foam on the upper cup. Maybe someday????


I have two now .....we’ll really three I got the foam cup one a few years ago at a small lingerie shop ...lost more weight and it was just too much for me I did not like the foam and looseness of cup size ..so I ordered a large d in beige ..I measured large c but said non foam size cup up so I did! It fits but I shortened the straps then I ordered black large c...perfect for me and my droopy old boobs! So now I have two that fit me just fine I love them ...makes me look smooth all over I am 5 feet and almost 72 and I weigh about 152 lbs......I wear a med - large shirt a 12-14 dress and a 10-12 jeans..... ! Way too much info 😊❤️

The Shortee
The Shortee

I was between sizes and sized up when I should have sized down. Customer service was great and they made sure I was measuring correctly and got me in the correct size. Exchanging for the right size was easy and quick. No more back bulges and my posture is better too!

All covered

I've been wearing these for years love them

Exactly what I wanted

Good fit

just not for me

I loved the silky feel, and it is the prettiest bra you make, but it wasn't right for me. The cups just didn't have enough separation to be flattering. I had to exchange for my old standby, the Silkie Short.

Hi Cassie,

Correct, a bralette will not have the same support or separation as a traditional bra with 2 separated bra cups. A bralette is a comfort bra designed for those looking for less structured support. Comfeez bras offer support and comfortable shaping but not in the same way a regular full underwire bra does.

Love this bra. very comfy!

nice control undergarment

As a large size women, I am having trouble finding bras that cover all the back fat. This comes close enough around the arms to cover what hangs out of other garments and holds it in without being uncomfortable making me look better in my tops and blouses.
I like that this has some constriction to even out my profile under my clothes but I can still breathe while wearing it. I do not like the bra pads that come with it. I found it impossible to get them inserted right without some wrinkling in the cups. I instead use silicone breast covers and pull the girls up. I have also found garments to wear every day that come higher up the back then most bras that are even less constricting and do the job. I bought this garment to wear under those tops that are lighter weight and closer fitting for more special occasions.

The Shortee
Smooth back

I wear Shapeez year round so it is convenient to have the short version for the really hot days. Still the back smoothing so clothes hang nicely!

Best bra ever!

I wear my shapeez all day which is something I have never done before. I have 3 of them!

great bra

these are the absolute best bras! no tug; no sharp gouging. Can wear all day!

Fits perfectly!

My Silkee Long arrived yesterday and it fits perfectly. You were spot on with the size recommendations. I tried it on with several T-shirts and sweaters and wow what a difference it makes. It was so comfortable and lightweight too, not at all like the Spanx and other brands I purchased in the past and never wore. Thank you for the great customer service!

A satisfied customer,

Love the bra! Have been looking for this type bra for a long time!

Feels very comfortably and shapes beautifully!

Great bra

I love the back of the bra and it is so comfortable.

I will buy more of these!

This fits better than any I have tried before. It's not too tight - very comfortable! And it definitely smooths out all the bumps and bulges ;-)


One of the best bras I have ever owned.

Love it!

This bra is not only comfortable, but so flattering because it smooths out the dreaded “back fat”. Will be buying more ASAP! *definitely go up a cup size, but band is true to size*


A comfortable bra that defines my breast, won't dig into my shoulders, and most importantly, NO back flab! It gave me a totally smooth look.
Love, Love, Love it.

The Shortee
Pleasantly surprised

When I first placed my order, someone on their end questioned me by a separate email about the size I had chosen . THANK goodness ! These are not the usual 34,36,38 ABCD garments. So I ordered a couple of different sizes and found the ones that fit. I have reallly been amazed at how they feell & how supportive they are without binding! Definitely getting more.

Very comfortable,nice fit. Using this product for 10 years.

Silkeez are my favorite Shapeez!

I’ve got multiple Silkee style bras- short, long, & tank. I wear a Medium D and love the coverage and minimizing effect. Cannot beat the look and extreme comfort of the back smoothing fit as well. I love love love Shapeez!

Comfeez is the PERFECT name

This is my new favorite under PJs/ work from home comfort bra. It has the awesome comfort and smoothness I love in all shapeez without the underwire which is perfect for being comfy around the house. Love it! Need to order more!