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"With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down."

— Staci Berner, Shapeez Creator

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The Tankee Short
diann r.
Tankee Short

First time buyer, luckily found correct size on 2nd try. Thanks so much for your help & guidance. LOVE IT!

The Tankee Short
Stephanie P.
I like it but

The tankee short bra is a very nice bra. I usually wear the sexy illusion bra by Victoria secret. My reasoning to try the tankee bra is because the Victoria secret bras don’t last very long. I’ve had the tankee bra for about a month and I really like it. Gives me smooth back and sides which I love and it gives me great support. I’ve had to sleep in my bra due to a shoulder surgery. I’m also in my late 40s so gravity has taken over my body😳


After years of struggling with ill fitting bras I swore that I would never wear anything but a sports bra again. I had completely given up wearing form fitting bras and underwire. Then I discovered Shapeez through Susan After Sixty’s blog. I absolutely LOVE this bra! I just purchased my fourth Ultimate Pretty and will be purchasing more. I will not wear any other bra. The quality is excellent and the fit is perfect. I love how the Ultimate lifts, supports, and smooths my shape. My clothes fit so much better. I feel confident in my outfits. It’s the perfect bra!

The Silkee Long
Jamie V.

Love the silkee long-- smoothes the back and is super comfortable. Plus CS is sooo helpful!


Very Comfortable!!

The Ultimate
Great shaper!

It really helps smooth out the lumps and bumps. I find it more comfortable to wear than my regular bra, an it helps me look better in my clothes.

The Tankee Short
Leslie C.

My favorite body shaping bra!

The Shortee
Nancy G.
The most comfortable bra you will ever own...

I just bought 2 more bras. I love them. So nice to have the support and be so comfortable. I have told many of my friends about these. You will love them.

The Ultimate
Margaret W.
Best bra ever!!!

This is the only bra that I will wear. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right comfort and fit. It slims me as well as fabulous support. No more strap slipping up in back. Stays put all day.. super comfortable

The Tankee Short
Patsy B.
Still the best

I ordered again with new sizing...lost weight. Used sizing chart and it worked wonderfully. No more "hooks and eyes" for me ever!!!

The Tankee Short
Elizabeth R.
No Back Bulge!

Excited to have a bra that allows you to feel supported in the front while giving a smooth finish in the back. I can wear fitted tees and not have to worry about the back bulge anymore.

The Tankee Short
Kathleen B.
Best back smoothing bra

Hi this is probably the eighth shapeez bra I have purchased. They are extremely comfortable and the best back smoothing bra I have found.

The Shortee
Carol S.
Favorite bra ever!!

The shortee is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. It smooths the back, does not roll up and stays in place. The cups fit well, looks great under my clothes and is cut low enough in the front that it does not show out of my deep v-neck shirts.

Loveeee this bra

It’s the most comfortable one I own. Plus it works well with my racer back tanks and maxis!


This is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. I was hesitant about the lacy support it it is perfect

Great bra

Amazing bra. You don’t think it would be comfortable but it truly is. I don’t get over heated and my clothes fit better and my back is smooth and my front looks pulled up put together. I will be slowly replacing ALL my bras.

The Silkee Short
Maureen S.
The best

This is the bra I've been waiting for. I'm not overweight, but I hate my back "fat" This bra solves the problem beautifully. I have three and will be buying more!

The Ultimate
Florence L.

My ultimate was exactly what I hoped for and a great referral from Susan After Sixty!

The Sportee
Tracy H.
Best sport and everyday bra!

Love this style. Very flattering on back as does cause back fat bulge. Great to wear under fitted shirts. Just wish it would be available in beige.

The Silkee Short
Coree C.
Excellent Product!

I purchased this product in hopes of finally eliminating back fat that every other bra I have ever tried accentuates. This bra is perfect! No back fat at all, no bra lines, super supportive - I have very heavy breasts, size 38DDD. My only little complaint is that the cups cause my cleavage to be amplified because it doesn't separate the boobs, but instead pushes them together. I usually use front closure bras because of this problem. Still, love the product and will buy more.

The Ultimate
Love this bra shaper!

I’m thrilled to have found Shapeez products. I love how smooth my back looks in my clothes. The Ultimate is my favorite—I love the fit of the bra and the fact that there’s compression for my tummy too. I have 3 Ultimates, a Tankee, two Shortees, and a Tankee Shortee. Obviously I’m a big fan!

The Ultimate
Karen W.
Superb product, customer service even better

The Ultimate is an excellent product. Beautiful craftsmanship and high quality materials. Plus, here’s a company owner who goes way beyond expectations to deliver.


My 3rd Shapeez! I like the fit and the smooth look!

The Shortee
Stephanie H.
Skeptic Turned Believer!!!!

I’m always the first to want to try something but I’m also the one who is always a skeptic walking into anything. I started searching on Google, YouTube etc., trying to find something that would hide my side and back bulge. Mostly, what I found was allot of exercises and surgeries. Okay, well that’s great…..but what about what I can do right now? I’m 42 and I just started a new job where, which requires us to wear the company shirts while out in the field. As soon as I put on the polo shirt, I could see my side and back bulge. I actually didn’t realize how bad they were till now. These past few weeks have been extremely uncomfortable for me. Im constantly pulling and tugging, trying to hide everything….oh did I mention that my righty popped out of my old bra one day without my knowledge or consent!!!! Yep!!! My one eye headlight…sitting for everyone to see. Now fast forward 3 weeks later, I put this bra on and just about cried!!! No more back or side bulge!!!! Seriously!!!! I cannot wait to go back to work. I already feel my confidence rising. They’re very comfortable. I feel like my posture is better as well. I plan on purchasing some for my mother as well. This is awesome!

The Demee Long
Sara C.

The Demee is the best bra ever! It makes me look great. I do not know why Shapeez is discontinuing this product. It is comfortable and it looks amazing under every top or dress I wear. Please, please, please don’t discontinue it!!!