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"With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down."

— Staci Berner, Shapeez Creator

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Just what I needed...

To eliminate bra back budges. The long line makes it great for every type of clothing. The excellent fit after second try and compression needed for my back is a very comforting feeling. I really like your product, I am older and this bra is the cats meow for me. You never know where a good idea is going to come from and Susan at 60 shared your product information. Because of her, I now have support for the breast, no budging, and an overall excellent whole body experience.
Customer service was very prompt and helpful.
Thank you for making these fine quality women’s undergarments.

The Sportee
Love my shortee and sportee

The sportee is my favorite bra these days. The fit was perfect and it never rides up or bunches or digs in. Excellent lift and separate support. Nice comfy straps. No complaints.

Comfy, No Backfat!

It took a few returns to pinpoint my correct size, but I’m very happy to FINALLY have comfortable support with no back fat. I just doubled or tripled my wardrobe options because I refused to wear tops that showed back bulges. Truly, so comfortable I don’t take it off the minute I return home and no tugging to reposition. The only pointer I would give a potential buyer is not to fall for the $10.00 off your first purchase because you can have free exchange. My return postage cost $16.00!

The Silkee Tankee

Silkee Bra

I am having trouble getting a good fit. The small E was to tight so I went back to the medium DDD. The top of the cups are a little loose. I just lost 15 lbs so next time I might try medium DD. I have thought about trying another bra but I don't like padding.

silkie long

love it!

The Shortee

Fits and feels great.

Perfect Product! Easy to use, thick, a little goes a long way

Verified Purchase
Great product, was difficult to find a good Lingerie Wash. It is thick, lightly scented & so easy to use-just swish in water. I do NOT use in HE Washing Machine, wash by hand! I used it often for Sports Compression Socks, it takes out *every stain, darkened areas... Great for underwear - all women's socks also. It cleans everything thoroughly. I don't have to soak any clothes in it, simply wash and squeeze well in the bathroom sink. I rinse multiple times under faucet, then squeeze out in water in the bowl. To *Dry, any item don't stretch, nor wring out. SImply fold over, squeeze, Fold Up into a towel, I then carefully step on the towel. It easily forces water out & does Not damage any items. Hang flat or over the shower. Perfect of a product, I LOVE it!

Shapeez Review

I like the Shapeez Tankee Short. It is much more comfortable than I expected. Have only worn it a few times but so far I would recommend it to others.

Best ever!

I had looked forward for my shapeez sin the first time Susan talked about IT, so when i was visting my brother in law in Novato resently ( living in Norway) i ordered one and I really love IT ! I did not think that I could be smooted out, but it really did!!! Thanks!


Fits great comfortable and solves my back flab issue.

The most comfortable

I've tried to find a replacement for this bra - simply because my older one squeaked at the point where the cups matched the strap. It creaked with every movement. I tried 5-6 other bras from different companies - including the ones advertised on instagram and hated them all. Bad fits or straps constantly falling or digging or rough material. I came back to Shapeez. My newer one doesn't make noise and it's the most comfortable overall. Never stop making these, please. :) Thanks!

The Shortee
The Shortee - Happy Customer

I absolutely LOVE this bra... it does exactly what it advertises. No more bra/back fat bulge. There is a noticeable difference with the shortee versus other bras.

10 Star!

I have not found any comparable bra anywhere. Support AND a SMOOTH Back. Only addition to your line might be Lacey fronts and colors; maybe Lacey straps?

Great bra, rolls up a little in the back, otherwise totally satisfied

The Sportee


What I've been waiting for!!!

This garment has fulfilled a need I've had for years. I'd been looking for a well-designed camisole with good support, the proper length, not constricting, and that would be silky smooth and comfortable to wear all day. This is it! It allows me to wear clothing I've been avoiding due to saggy cleavage

I love this bra!

It took awhile for me to settle on the right fit, but now that I have I love my shapeez bra. It is very comfortable and I love the smooth back. I am going to order more.

Pretty and well made

Comfortable and pretty. But a little too expensive for me.

Love it!

I really enjoy the Shapeez tank short. I plan on purchasing another one

The Best!

I just received my new Silkee Short Minimizer and put it on right away. This is the best bra ever and it fits like a dream! I sized up one cup size as per the recommendations and it is perfect. Smooths me out and minimizes just as I wanted it to. Saving up my pennies to buy a coupe more so I can throw out all my other bras. I already have the long bra and love it also but this is perfect as the weather gets warmer. I love it!!!

Little pricey but very nice!

Ran a little big return with exchang quick and easy. Customer service VERY helpful!!

I ordered this it was a bit large following the directions on how to measure and come up with the right size. I did order two additional smaller than before,
Love them!

Shapeez is the only brand I've worn for 20 years

They fir, they perform, they last. I love them!

shapeez review

very happy, overall, with this product. The cups are too big although I purchased the recommended size. I will order another in the future with a smaller cup size (D instead of DD). Otherwise, this is the best 'shaper' I have had to date. Wish it was a little bit easier to get into and out of, though it's not as difficult as I had anticipated.