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"With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down."

— Staci Berner, Shapeez Creator

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The Sportee
Best fitting bra

This is the most comfortable and best fitting bra I have found in years and that includes other Shapeez bras. I thought the other styles were the best I had ever found until I tried this one. My only negative comment is that it only comes in black now. I would really like it to come in nude also.


This bra has given me a shape I haven’t had in years. I highly recommend.

Love Love Love it, never going back to a regular bra again!

I just love It, feels great, looks wonderful.

The Sportee
Sportee Bra

This is my 3rd purchase of Shapeez, but first for the sport style. I love ALL of my Shapeez, so comfortable and the look is fantastic. Best Bra Ever, for a large busted, older woman. Only one comment that is not stellar. I am 72 years young and sometimes have a difficult time getting the bra over my head and down where it belongs. But with a little patience it can be done.


Love it !!

Perfect fit!

Love these bras. When you find the perfect fit they are super comfortable, controlling and flattering! I have been wearing them for years and appreciate the new styles that come out!

Too small for me

I'm sure I would have given this several stars but it was too small so I had to return it.

Perfect bra and smooth back!

You won't believe me, but I'm 37 and finally I know my right size and with The Silkee Short I found the perfect back for my real bra size (small DDD). I bought both colors (black and nude) and I'm doing more than perfect. To get the perfect size you have to take all measures to find the right size. Happy with my purchase! :D

Awesome Cami

This is a super comfy and pretty cami. I love the way it looks and feels.

Best Bra

I have spent too much time bra shopping. It’s finally over. This bra is extremely comfortable, the fit is great, the straps don’t slip, and the back is smooth. Love it!!

The Shortee
Only bra I ever wear

Been wearing these bras for many many years. I always am asked about them if I’m shopping . It’s the best bra ever. Everything is always smooth. Never any back fat Highly recommend!!

Great fit and comfort

This bra is amazing! I am throwing out all my bras and buying this for the rest of my life!

Awesome shape ware product!

Love, love, love. I've been wearing the Tankee Long for at least 8 years. They hold up very well, in fact I still have the first one I purchased. Never going back to any other product, and well worth the purchase amount.

Best Bra Ever!

It took some time getting the right fit. It was well worth it! First bra I’ve ever had that I wasn’t taking off as soon as I got through the door once I got home. So comfortable that sometimes I forget I’m wearing a bra.

Wonderful, smoothing bras

I have been using the Shapeez bras for some 8 years now. They are fantastic yet comfortable to wear, they and smooth your "bumps" very well. I wear these bras daily with utmost comfort. They make look good and slim.

Tricky sizing

I love the material of the tank back. It is firming, supportive and smoothing without crushing me. I like how it distributes the support over the entire back rather than all that pressure in just the band area!

The bra sizing did not work for me, however. The cup wires were set too close together, and the cups themselves were too narrow and deep. I needed them to be wider and shallower. I am probably the same 'volume', but spread out over a broader chest.

I think the sizing variables need to be a bit more sophisticated to make this a win for more women. I am 5'8", 155#, theoretical bra size 42A. (I haven't found a good fit yet.)

Love my bra it’s so comfortable I can’t get myself to go back to wearing a regular bra ... I wish I’d known about these bras sooner
I will be purchasing another one soon

5 Stars!

Extremely comfortable, no straps digging in the shoulder, and I love the minimizing effect. I’m between 32-34 and D-DD and bought the Small DD, which separates nicely and doesn’t project too far. Profile looks more youthful (I’m 62). I find the short much easier to put on (step in from the feet up) than the tankee. Also, the short is quite warm enough on the back if you’re in the sun above 78 degrees F (San Diego), but I don’t tolerate heat well. As a birder, visible bras lines were a concern. I love the smooth back. This is the only bra company I will ever purchase from again. I hope to purchase the sport and comfy lounge bras in the future. Thank you Shapeez. Oh, and great customer service.

So comfortable

These bras are SO comfortable that I'm not wanting to pull it off at the end of the day. I have 5 of them now and don't want to buy any other brands. Now I just wish they came in fun colors.

The Shortee
Exactly what I wanted!

I was looking for a solution to back fat and around-the-arms bulges and the Shapeez Shortee delivered perfectly. It gives me a smooth, bulge-free back even when I when I wear tight or clingy tops. I . absolutely LOVE it.

Wonderful Bra !

This bra is unbelievably cool and comfortable. I wear it all day and never notice that I have it on. It is a great minimizer and body smoother, and I recommend it highly!

Best bra ever!!

I have been wearing the long Silkee for years and I love it. I recently had cancer and received 33 treatments of radiation and lost 25 lbs so my breast were smaller. I did the as the measuring guide said and the bra fits perfect. I love the fact the my bra straps never fall off of my shoulders and there is no back bulge.

Fun bra

I love that I get a smooth line across my back. No bands digging in. I did Have to return first order and ask for sizing help. It's comfortable but not perfect.

Petite sizes?

I guess I bought the wrong product for my height. I like the shaping it gives and will wear it with dresses however it is too long for my frame and rides up. Wish there could be a petite size for smaller framed customers. If there is sorry I did not see it.

Hi Sharon, Yes sometimes a petite person under 5'2' may need to hem the bottom so that it isn't too long.
Very comfortable bras

Well made and very comfortable bras, in fact, the most comfortable I have ever worn! Just wish I could purchase my size through Amazon UK as buying direct from the US incurs expensive delivery charges etc.