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It took a few tries but I finally received the correct size. Very comfortable and supportive

The best bra I have

I am so happy with my purchase.

Love the Silkee!

This bra is the exact size I normally wear, 32DDD and fits perfectly. (I had read in another review to order 1 cup size smaller, but that was NOT true for me. The cup size that fits is the same as I usually wear.) I love this bra and will order's all I want to wear...very comfortable and makes my clothes look great!

Best bra ever!

I've been wearing Shapeez for years, but this new silkee tankee fits all my summer wear. I love it!

Terrific back smoother

Great for back side bulges but cup slightly big for me.

Extremely comfortable

This bra is comfortable and provides enough support so you can wear your bra out and about. Highly recommend!

Excellent fit

I bought 2 bras. One long and slimming and one short. I love them....they feel like I am wearing air....and yet they hold me in and feel secure. My only glitch is pulling them on. But it’s worth it!

The best bra ever!

I love love my shapez bra, I love the way the front slims my torso!
And the best part no lines in the back! Some bras claim this, I’ve tried them all shapez actually does it!

Perfect Bra!

I ordered the tank shortee and a full coverage tank style back and I am so happy with my purchase. Holds everything together so comfortably with no back fat or rolls poking through, even with the tightest shirt you can't see a roll. Smooth and comfortable. I wish they had more sales to offer, it is a bit pricey when you order a few at a time. Highly recommend 5*star

Tankee Love!!!

I am soooo pleased with my purchase of the Tankee Long. It is an everyday wear for me. Will absolutely repurchase. It gives me the confidence that there are no back bulges anywhere and my tummy bulge is controlled!

Beautiful Figure

This is my second time ordering these bra. I love them very much. I would like to see them with a much small and thinner strap there are so unattractive especially when you have a cut out dress or blouse that you would like to wear otherwise it's a comfortable and fits great

The only bra for me

I purchased the Ultimate Pretty long line during your sale. I already own a couple of the Ultimate long line. Best for back fat and side fat. Comfortable to wear and I do not find hot. I will say I did purchase the Sports Bra which the largest you had was still to small for me. I did keep it but overall this bra is just not for me. In the future the Ultimate or Pretty will be the only bra I will wear. Great product


Great support, slimming and comfortable bras! I’ve gotten several and will continue to purchase only these bras!!!

The Shortee
The most comfortable bra ever

Really didn’t want to love it at this price.. but I do.ut is so wonderful not to constantly pull falling straps up, to almost forget you are wearing a bra,.will now have to order a second one so I can alternate them daily

Nice smoothing bra

I love the way the bra smooths the back! No more bra fat. I feel comfortable in fitted shirts. I am 5’1” and would like to have the bra just an inch or two shorter as I have to tuck it in my pants so it doesn’t show below my shirts.

Love this bra!

I ordered the black Demee bra in a cup size that is 2 sizes larger as suggested and it fit perfectly. I like that it has smaller straps because some outlifts just need smaller straps. The only thing I did not like about this bra is the large rings that connect the straps to the main part of the bra. I wanted this bra to wear under a dress that has a see thru panel in the front I hate strapless bra and the narrow black straps are acceptable to see. However, it the bra was not adjusted correctly, the rings start to show thru and they do not look good.
Before I ordered this bra, I was worried about the extra padding but it was not a problem at all., .

It's great!!

These are the most comfortable bras you can buy!!!


Amazingly comfortable yet supportive. Would highly recommend.

The Sportee
Love the Sportee!

So comfortable and gently smooths the back fat.

Love your Products!!

Love the way your bras fit and gives me confidence wearing them

love, love, love

I wish I had known about these Shapeeze long tank bras years ago. I'll never switch again to regular bras. The price is a bit steep, but I'm already planning to add a couple of more to my wardrobe essentials.

The Shortee
Soooo comfortable!

Finally found a size that works for me. I will definitely share the news!

Only bra for me

I tried Shapeez about 7 years ago and have not worn a traditional bra since. I could not tolerate the tugging and pulling down the strap in back or pulling up the shoulder straps any longer. Shapeez solved all the traditional bra problems plus they give me a controlled look under clothes. I own both the Ultimate and Tankee style with the molded cup. The molded cup conceals "headlights" very well.
The price may seem expensive but they hold up very well. If you don't like the tug of war that a traditional bra brings then try Shapeez - you won't be disappointed!

The Shortee
Best bra ever!

My back fat was always a problem area for me but this bra allows me to wear tops and dresses I would normally pass up. It smooths it out completely. The only bra I ever wear!

Very comfortable!

I am so glad to have discovered the Shapeez! It's so comfortable and the best thing is that the straps never fall down - a problem I've had al my life with my slight curvature of the spine. I