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The Shortee

It’s the best option for smoothing and dealing with back bulge!

I had a Shapeez a few years back...Momma has come back home! Oh boy, smooth, no side droop, no back ride up, no pinches, no hooks, lays perfectly in front, no hourly pulling to adjust. Get one, get'll thank me.

The Shortee
Most comfortable bra ever!

I had gotten to the point where I quit wearing knit tops because of back fat. Now I can wear them all!! I love this bra. It is so comfortable and I realized my back isn't really that fat, just that all of my bras made it look that way! I have ordered two now so I can wash one when I wear one

Comfort and style

Love, love, love it. I finally found the perfect fit.

Full Coverage

I love this bra as it smooths my body in all the right places. Perfect fit!


Who ever thought they'd be writing a personal statement about their bra?? lol!

I own five Shapeez, love them all and have much gratitude for the product. The compression is a lifesaver and spares me a lot of pain. It keeps wayward ribs where they belong and helps keep me out of a brace. For me, this alone would make them totally worth the price.

Old sports and medical injuries make a step-in bra a must, so I'd been on perpetual hunt for years to keep up with the need for replacements. No mas! Now I have Shapeez.

I read a lot of helpful reviews before ordering and my fit issues were resolved with the speed of light by the Master Fit Expert Herself. Thank you, Staci!

So here are some perspectives you probably won't see in other reviews:

I love the squeak. I keep the squeak. It reminds me of the sound of a new saddle, and brings me fond memories.

In my Shapeez the girls never inadvertently 'dance up' the top-mounted volume control on the guitar. It used to happen when things got to cooking on stage, and it was embarrassing. But no mas!

In an Ultimate I can play and sing through a two hour piano & vocal set. This is unheard of for me. But the compression, support and posture improvement make all the difference.

Wearing an Ultimate I can load, schlepp set up my own equipment and still feel like singing.

I can move hay bales and live to tell about it.

Compression is my friend.

Plus it makes things look good! The fabric makes all my clothing hang better and migrate less when playing.....especially guitar.

And, to repeat, my full back coverage Ultimates are keeping me out of a brace.

Such goodness!

Shapeez! Making life AND music better! : )

Raven, Can you please write to me every day? You have such a gift of the written word it's FABULOUS! Even if you didn't love your Shapeez bra and left a negative review, I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed reading it! lol You are so sweet to share your joy with other women who are still unsure as to whether our bras do what they claim to do. I'm thrilled Shapeez has made such a positive impact on your life and helped you look and feel more of your beautiful self! Oh and try a bit of hair conditioner rubbed into the squeaky components since all that needs is just a wee bit of lubricating. CHEERS TO YOU RAVEN!
Shapers fit

Fits well

Still trying to decide

First order was a Large B. I was ready to give up because it did not fit and I did not want to go to the trouble of shipping back and forth. However, it was a beautiful bra so I decided to go with the first time exchange. I worked with customer service and ordered a Large C. It fits much more comfortably than the first one and is unlike any bra I have ever owned. The one problem I am still experiencing is that I find myself reaching in the top of the cups to “lift” my soft, heavy breasts and reposition them up because they feel like they are oozing out under the wire. Other than that I love the fabric and the way the bra flatters my breasts. I might order a black one but I’m wondering if I should go with a Medium C. I do recommend this product. Customer Service is great.

Hello Debbie, You actually need to size DOWN in the body and up in the cup from the sound of it. So Medium D would be the correct size. The body must fit snug against the ribcage to give you the secure support and if the body is too big, it shifts and rides up and the breasts fall under the underwire.
Love it! My New Favorite

I ordered Shapeez for the first time and the brand is my new favorite! Per the sizing guide, I ordered this in a medium. The underwire (key for me) molded cups fit me perfectly. My clothes fit so much better, the back is smooth, and the length is just right. I only wish the torso was a little tighter and the bottom hem was of the "non-slip" material instead --still the hem does not show through my clothing. This product is perfect for me.


I just threw out a drawer FULL of ill fitting, uncomfortable bras. I wore shapeez years ago and liked them, but did not need the foam cups. The silken is an answer to prayer! Measure twice before ordering to be certain you get the correct size. Worth every penny!

Great discovery

Love the fit. Smooths everything out

Great Product

Really love both the short and long version of this bra. So comfortable and really smooths everything out. Well worth the $

Happy with product.

Comfeez Long

Hello, I am 64 yrs old. Between 1985 & 2004 I had 4 surgeries on my spinal cord. Spinal tumor. I have an 8 1/2” incision scar from my waist up to between shoulder blades. I cannot stand having a band around my torso, like bra. I haven’t worn a bra for decades. I had a long stretchy type bra that had underwire. I was wearing these but the underwire was also painful to me. The COMFEEZ long is great! No band and no underwire. It’s the first time in decades I don’t rush to take off bra when I’m home. Thank you so much. I can wear a bra again and they are so comfortable, it’s like not wearing a bra. I love COMFEEZ Long. Thank you.

Great Fit

Love the bra fits perfectly love the length


I tried all sorts of bras and waist clinchers, but they were so uncomfortable and torture. This was my last resort and am so glad I ordered it. It does leave you with no lumps and bumps, does a great job and comfortable. I could wear it all day.

Best Bra

Best bra I have ever owned. SERIOUSLY! No buldge- fit perfect.
Yay!—- I’m so happy. I’m fact I’ve already had 6 clients order them because I can’t stop talking about mine.

The Shortee
Shorter smoothing bra

Love this bra. Best one I ever bought, super comfortable and smooths the back..this is my second bra, had to adjust the size, but would definitely buy again

The Shortee
Soooo comfortable!

this bra is great to wear all day and feels as if you are not wearing a bra.


Love this bra

Functional, Comfortable--simply wonderful

I've been searching for a bra that is smoothing but made for smaller chested women. This was the end of my search. This bra is perfectly designed. It not only smooths but holds up straps.

Not my first purchase

Love the Tankee Long. I had to return original purchase due to incorrect sizing on my part. Return policy was super easy. Received my correct size very quickly. This is my 3rd purchase and I have not been disappointed in the quality. I would recommend highly !

very comfortable

The bra is very comfortable. i think I need to order a smaller chest size, for it tends to slip up and have my bottom boob slip out, but that is my error, not the bras

The Sportee
Amazingly Perfect Fit - Customer Focused Medium DDD

This is my first experience with Shapeez (I usually wear Lululemon, but thought I'd try something different, primarily because my needs changed. Specifically I wanted more back coverage, and less stress on my shoulders.).
I ordered the "Sportee" and "Silkee Short" in size Large DD. However, when I received my bras, they did not fit as I expected. My order came with instructions on how to order the correct size based on how the bra fit. I realized I needed a size Medium DDD. When the new order (Medium DDD) arrived (at no charge to me), the bras fit perfectly. I'm sold and will be a repeat Shapeez customer.

Brings everything together

It's kind of amazing how wearing the right foundation can bring your whole outfit together! This is the foundation you want to start with!