For more than a decade, Shapeez has perfected bra sizing with an easy and reliable measuring process that does away with complicated formulas. And our extensive size range provides a consistent fit throughout our entire product line. So no matter what your size, we've got your back, and your cup!

Find Your Shapeez Size With 2 Simple Measurements

For best measuring results, wear your best fitting non-padded underwire bra and stand in front of a mirror.

1. Body Size

Measure around your upper chest (under your armpits and above your breasts) going around your body. Make sure you keep the tape measure as level as possible going around your back and high up under your armpits and high up around the back.Then pull the tape measure SNUG.

This measurement is your Body Size. If you are between two sizes, then you should choose the smaller size.

2. Cup Size

Measure one breast, beginning at the breast bone, and starting from the outer edge of the under wire, across the fullest part of the breast (across the nipple area), to the outer edge of the under wire on the other side near the underarm. This measurement is your Cup Size.

Important Notes About Cup Size

  • If you measure in a minimizer, add 1″ to your Cup Size
  • If you measure in a padded bra, take off 1/2″ off your Cup Size
  • If your bra is highly padded, then take 1″ off your Cup Size
  • If one breast is larger than the other, then use the larger Cup Size

To properly measure your upper chest, stand in front of your mirror topless (with or without a bra) and with the tape measure high around the upper back and under your arms, pull the tape measure TIGHT above your breasts at the top of your cleavage.

Shapeez size is

Need more help with sizing? Email our fit specialist

NOTE: Silkee Sizing Adjustment

The Silkee runs 1 cup size smaller than our Foam Cup styles, so we suggest ordering 1 CUP SIZE UP for the Silkee styles.

NOTE: Demee Sizing Adjustment

The Demee runs 2 cup sizes smaller than our other foam cup styles. So, you will need to order 2 CUP SIZES UP from your measurement or Shapeez size. For instance, if you wear a Medium-C in the other styles, you will need the Medium-DD in the Demee.  

The Perfect Fit

Shapeez bras are designed to fit comfortably and once they are on your body you should feel great. However, if you are uncomfortable in any way, or if you are not getting the support and smoothing you expect, then it means you are in the wrong body size, cup size, or both. Check below for your specific fit issue(s), then re-measure yourself following the sizing instructions above. Once you have your correct size, then you can exchange your item and get the right Shapeez bra for you.

Fit Issues

Cup Size is too big

  • You are not filling out the cup
  • The cup wrinkles

Cup Size is too small

  • Your breasts overflow the cups
  • The cup is flattening the top portion of your breasts
  • Sides of the cups bulge

Body Size is too big

  • Underwires do not lie flat against your breastbone
  • Underwires shift downward
  • Your body shifts and moves around
  • There are horizontal fabric creases under your bust
  • There is excess fabric around your tummy
  • There is a feeling of inadequate breast support

Body Size is too small

  • You are struggling to put it on
  • It rolls up or won't stay down
  • Your breasts are flattened
  • You feel general discomfort
  • It cuts into your front underarm
  • It doesn't smooth out your back

Getting Into Your Shapeez Bra

There are 2 methods to putting on your Shapeez garment:

  • Step into it and pull it up
    However, do not pull the bra up by the straps, but rather along the top/sides of the cups/body. Pulling up by the straps repeatedly may cause them to eventually come apart.
  • Put it on over your head and pull it down
    It may take a few times putting it on and taking it off to get the hang of it. If you've ordered the correct size, your Shapeez bra should feel snug but not uncomfortable in any way.

Shapeez Size Chart

On the chart below, locate your Body Size along the top row and your Cup Size along the left column to find your Shapeez size.
NOTE: 13" cup sizes and those marked with a red asterisk(*) are available in Silkee Non-foam Minimizer styles only.

Body Size
30"–32" 33"–34.5" 35"–37.5" 38"–40.5" 41"–43.5" 44"–46"
7.5" XS-A Small-AA        
8" XS-B Small-A Medium-AA      
8.5" XS-C Small-B Medium-A Large-AA    
9" XS-D Small-C Medium-B Large-A    
9.5"   Small-D Medium-C Large-B XL-A
(Ultimate Only)
10"   Small-DD Medium-D Large-C XL-B  
10.5"   Small-DDD Medium-DD Large-D XL-C 1X-B
11"   *Small-E Medium-DDD Large-DD XL-D 1X-C
11.5"     Medium-E Large-DDD XL-DD 1X-D
12"     *Medium-F Large-E XL-DDD 1X-DD
13" *Available in Silkee Minimizer styles only *Large-F *XL-E *1X-DDD