The Silkee Long

Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra & Body Shaper

Underwire Seamless Non‑Foam Cups

~ Fit notes from Staci B - Founder & CEO ~


"The Silkee line was developed for women like me, who want a bra with full support and shaping with underwire but do not want or need molded foam cups which can add projection to an already full size bust line. The Silkee cup holds its shape all day because the fabric is double laminated which gives the best support without it stretching out by the end of the day. Great for all body types that want total back smoothing, tummy/muffin top control combined with a non-foam minimizing cup. Can be worn with any style top or dress that has a regular full coverage back".

STYLE NOTE: If you are extremely pear shaped, the shorter styles may fit better than our longer styles


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    • Minimizes the projection of your breasts
    • Smoothing control for waist, tummy, hips and back
    • No-fall shoulder straps that adjust in the front
    • No back bulges
    • No Roll Hem
    • Look thinner instantly
    • So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it
    • Minimizing effect
    • Underwire molded non-foam soft cups
    • Stylish pattern overlay
    • Front adjustable, no-fall straps
    • Bow and lace detail
  • Reduce the appearance of your bust for a slimmer look. The Silkee Long is our minimizer and features two layers of non-foam, non-stretch fabric to minimize the projection of your breasts. The Silkee is designed for larger cup sizes. The patented design eliminates back bulges and visible bra lines as well as the dreaded “muffin top”, while providing superior breast support and slimming of the waist, tummy and back. Adjustable straps with no back bands or closures make the undergarment practically invisible under clothing.

What’s the difference between Non-Foam and Foam Cups?

Two layers of non-stretch fabric minimizes the projection of your breasts and offers great shaping and support. Designed for larger cup sizes. Silkee Styles only.

Foam Cups

Molded Foam cups offer a smooth, contoured shape and eliminates nipple show-through. All Styles except Silkee.

Foam Cups

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Customer Reviews

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Laura M.
Small improvement needed

I am in love with this product for many reasons. Comfort being #1. I have a small improvement that would make it perfect. For the cups to be more stretchy so they fit all types of cups better. I have a large chest and when I bought the softer cups they were about a cup smaller than the padded cups and had no give to them. Would love to see that change. Keep up the good work and thanks for asking for my suggestion. It goes to show how much you care about the people wearing your product!

Hi Laura,
Glad to hear you love Shapeez. The Foam cups we offer are on the big size. The Silkee cups are more true to size and are made from a double laminated rigid (non stretch) fabric to offer support that doesn’t sag or stretch out during the day. We recommend sizing up by 1 cup from our foam cups.

Shapeez Concierge

Cathy W.
An excellent Company to do business with!

Each time I call Shapeez I get the best information a customer could ask for. Ordered 2 Shapeez Silkee Long and received great customer service. The bras came, I tried them on and unfortunately they were the wrong size.
When I called to find out how to return them I was surprised at how wonderful they were.
The new ones came quickly and I’ll be their customer forever!

Becky G.
Still searching for the perfect fit

I am pretty lopsided and am having dificulty finding a bra that fits perfectly. I have worn the padded cups for years and thought I would try the unpadded model. I still have the same issue. I thought it would be better, but it really isn't. One side is still too big and the bra puckers and shows under lightweight blouses. The other side fits perfectly. I then tried ordering a smaller cup - that was a mistake. Now the other side fits perfectly - but I keep popping out of the other cup. Overall, it's a nice bra -- just maybe not the perfect one for me. I'm going back to the padded model because it looks better under my clothing.

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