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The Sportee

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Back Smoothing Sports Bra

Underwire Molded Foam Cups

  • The Sportee is the perfect sports bra for any kind of activity. It keeps you fully supported in style when you need to minimize bounce. It is made from cool-tex moisture-wicking fabric in front, and breathable mesh back. This combination is excellent during your workouts or your favorite sport. The patented design eliminates visible bra lines and back bulges. The Sportee has a shorter, curved front to eliminate any rolling or riding up and is waist length in the back to give you the smoothest appearance from every angle. Like all of our styles, it’s cool and comfortable while providing superior breast support and slimming.

    SIZING NOTE: Because the Sportee has a mesh back and was designed with workouts in mind, it has a tighter fit with less stretch in the body compared to our other Shapeez styles. If you find it too tight, you may need to go up one body size. For instance, if the Small-B is too tight, try the Medium-A. This will keep you in the 8.5" cup but the body will be larger. See the example below or the Shapeez Size Chart on our Sizing Guide page for reference.

    Sport Size Chart Infographic
    • Small A–DDD
    • Medium A–DDD
    • Large A–DDD
    • XL B–DDD
    • Perfect for your workout or favorite sports
    • Minimizes Bounce
    • No more “Uniboob”
    • Smooths back bulges
    • No visible bra lines
    • Shapes and support the breasts
    • Look thinner instantly
    • Wicks moisture away from the body
    • No fall shoulder straps
    • Underwire molded foam cups
    • Contrasting trim
    • Adjustable straps
    • Graduated curved hem
    • Breathable mesh back