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The Perfect Bra Solution to Eliminate Back Fat and Muffin Top

We’ve all done it, gotten dressed up with the perfect hair and make-up and smiled at the coiffed image peering back. But then one last over-the-shoulder look in the mirror turns that glamorous image into one of back fat and a muffin top.Most bras that provide the right boost and support in the front create unflattering lines and bulges in back – not to mention neck aches and painful rubbing around the uncomfortable straps, hooks and wires. Three-way mirrors and selfies can magnify the two most common and most undesired back-side bummers – muffin tops around the waist and back fat around bra lines.

But you don’t have to wear a corset or scowl every time you look in a three-way mirror. Shapeez gives you support you need – completely eliminating bra lines, back bulges and muffin tops while slimming in all the right places – and these amazing garments are actually comfortable. They won’t roll up on you and they won’t have you gasping for air.

The super-cool, super-comfortable design is perfect for women who want to look and feel good. No tight straps or bands. No bulges or bumps. Shapeez is simply the perfect solution for women who are tired of back fat and muffin tops.

Adjustable, attractive, a total A+. Or as “Oprah” magazine hailed in a recent issue, “The problem, back fat. The fix, Shapeez.”

Staci Berner
Staci Berner