Everyone needs Shapeez ….even at the GYM.

Everyone needs Shapeez… even at the GYM

It pains me to see anyone with bra bulge and it’s just as noticeable on women with a little body fat as it is on women that have a higher percent of body fat. You don’t have to be a certain age, weight or body type to have bra bulge, you just need an elastic band bra!

There I am, at the gym, sweating away on the Elliptical machine when a very attractive woman gets on the machine in front of me. You know the type, works out daily, drinks almond milk and never indulges in anything with frosting.  Her matching yoga pants and top are so cute but all I can focus on is……yes, you guessed it…, HER BRA BULGES!!!!  Yikes!  What I want to say to this lovely woman is “Hello, I’m Staci Berner, the founder and CEO of Shapeez and you may not know this but you have unnecessary back bulges from your bra. I’d love to introduce you to our smooth back Sportee sports bra.  It’s a fashionable smooth back bra with a breathable, wick-able mesh back with an integrated full support bra that was designed to smooth and slim your back and give amazing support while working out.”  Of course I never just go up to a stranger and tell them they have back bulges and I have the solution but I’d LOVE TO!

To my fellow Shapeez Girls, maybe we could stop this epidemic together and help those women who could look so much better but haven’t found Shapeez yet.  Help us spread the word about Shapeez and together we can make the world a smoother, slimmer place.

Staci Berner
Staci Berner