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The Do's and Don'ts of Caring For Your Intimate Apparel

Washing your delicates probably isn’t something you think about daily, but when it goes wrong, it can go really wrong. That favorite bra of yours could be ruined from one careless wash or mindless toss into the tumble drier. So how should you be caring for your underwear?

First, how often should you wash them? It’s important to strike the right balance when it comes to washing your intimates. Not washing enough is unsanitary and can cause lasting stains, while washing too often will cause the bra to become misshapen and can damage the fabric and sewing. At Shapeez, we recommend that a bra be washed after 2 to 4 wearings to keep it in "like new" condition.

When it comes to the wash itself, never use a washing machine! Even if you run it on a "delicate cycle" or place your intimates in a lingerie bag, machine washing can still cause the bra to tangle with all your other garments, stretch the fabric, or bend the underwire, which will eventually change the shape of your bra and cause it to lose its fit.

So, always hand wash your bras in warm water, using a gentle detergent to clean and revitalize your garments. Avoid using harsh or "rinse-free" detergents as these can damage the look of the bra and allow harsh chemicals to sit near your skin the next time you wear it. For stains, pre-treat the effected area with detergent and carefully rub away the spot. Next, allow your garments to soak for a bit, then drain and thoroughly rinse them in cool water to remove any soap residue. After rinsing, be sure you don’t wring out excess water too vigorously as this can also damage the delicate fabric.

And last but not least, when drying, don’t use a tumble drier! Leave the bra to dry naturally, ideally laid out flat to allow the bra to regain its shape. You can also hang it to dry.

If you are at all unsure how to care for an intimate, the best general advice is to follow the recommended care label instructions, as they are there for a reason! If your garment has care symbols and you are not sure what they mean, you can refer to this laundry guide to common care symbols.

All in all, treat your delicates for what they are: delicate!

Staci Berner
Staci Berner