The Story of Shapeez Sizing

When we first launched Shapeez online in October of 2007, we were running the business out of my home in Maryland. I needed to create a way for women at home to find the perfect Shapeez size. I did not want to size by off-the-rack bra sizing because most women are not wearing the correct size bra to begin with. For instance, you may "believe" that your bra size is 36C because that is what you wore 20 years ago, however, there is good chance your body has changed over the years and you may not still be that 36C anymore. That's where I had to become resourceful.

I remember sitting at my dining room table with all of these loose foam cups in nine different sizes that the factory had sent me, trying to think of a solution. Then it hit me! Each one of these foam cups had a cross cup measurement. So I picked up the size I knew would fit me (Medium C) and measured it from one side to the other side. It measured 9.5". Then I took out a few of my old bras (before Shapeez) and measured those too. They all measured 9.5", the same as my Shapeez bra. Then I started measuring all of the other loose foam cups on my table and discovered that each one of those cups were exactly one-half inch apart. I imagined that if a customer at home would measure their cross cup and match it to one of our cups we would have a perfect match. Well, not exactly...

What I was assuming was only partially true. This theory works best if the customer is wearing a bra that fits her perfectly, which as you know isn't always the case. So if you are wearing the proper sized bra and measure for your first Shapeez bra according to our Sizing Guide, your Shapeez size should be pretty close to your regular bra size. However, if you take your measurements in a bra that is ill fitting, or if you are slightly off with your tape measurements, you can get the wrong Shapeez size. And you'll figure this out when you try on the bra. Sometimes it takes talking to one of our fit specialists and ordering a new size or style to get the perfect fit. We also have retailers across the US and Canada you can visit who can properly fit you with the perfect Shapeez size. (Use our Store Locator to find the one nearest to you).

Ultimately your Shapeez bra should feel like it was custom made for you. So, if your first Shapeez bra isn't the perfect fit, please let us know by email or give us a call. We can help determine exactly what size or style you should wear.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!
Staci Berner

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Staci Berner
Staci Berner