The Ultimate Pretty

Back Smoothing Bra & Body Shaper

Underwire Molded Foam Cups

Available through Amazon UK

    • Smooths all back bulges with no visible bra lines
    • Smoothing Control for waist, tummy, hips and back
    • Shapes and support the breasts
    • Eliminates muffin top
    • Front adjustable straps always stay up
    • Look thinner instantly
    • So cool and comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it
    • Patented smooth-back design
    • Pretty pattern on the cups
    • Cool, moisture-wicking, all-way stretch Lycra
    • Molded, under-wire cups with light foam padding
    • Light foam padding
    • Total back arm coverage
    • No Roll Hem
    • Front adjustable “No Fall” Straps
  • The Ultimate Pretty is a back-smoothing bra, camisole and body shaper all-in-one with a pretty pattern on the cups. The unique, pattented design eliminates visible bra lines, back bulges, even the dreaded "muffin top", while effectively and comfortably providing superior breast support as well as slimming of the waist, tummy and back. Molded foam cups and no-fall, front adjustable straps with no back bands or closures make the undergarment practically invisible under clothing. This is a must-have addition to any lingerie wardrobe and does the job of three undergarments — a bra, a body shaper and camisole.

Customer Reviews

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Love it !!

Great fit and comfort

This bra is amazing! I am throwing out all my bras and buying this for the rest of my life!


Who ever thought they'd be writing a personal statement about their bra?? lol!

I own five Shapeez, love them all and have much gratitude for the product. The compression is a lifesaver and spares me a lot of pain. It keeps wayward ribs where they belong and helps keep me out of a brace. For me, this alone would make them totally worth the price.

Old sports and medical injuries make a step-in bra a must, so I'd been on perpetual hunt for years to keep up with the need for replacements. No mas! Now I have Shapeez.

I read a lot of helpful reviews before ordering and my fit issues were resolved with the speed of light by the Master Fit Expert Herself. Thank you, Staci!

So here are some perspectives you probably won't see in other reviews:

I love the squeak. I keep the squeak. It reminds me of the sound of a new saddle, and brings me fond memories.

In my Shapeez the girls never inadvertently 'dance up' the top-mounted volume control on the guitar. It used to happen when things got to cooking on stage, and it was embarrassing. But no mas!

In an Ultimate I can play and sing through a two hour piano & vocal set. This is unheard of for me. But the compression, support and posture improvement make all the difference.

Wearing an Ultimate I can load, schlepp set up my own equipment and still feel like singing.

I can move hay bales and live to tell about it.

Compression is my friend.

Plus it makes things look good! The fabric makes all my clothing hang better and migrate less when playing.....especially guitar.

And, to repeat, my full back coverage Ultimates are keeping me out of a brace.

Such goodness!

Shapeez! Making life AND music better! : )

Raven, Can you please write to me every day? You have such a gift of the written word it's FABULOUS! Even if you didn't love your Shapeez bra and left a negative review, I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed reading it! lol You are so sweet to share your joy with other women who are still unsure as to whether our bras do what they claim to do. I'm thrilled Shapeez has made such a positive impact on your life and helped you look and feel more of your beautiful self! Oh and try a bit of hair conditioner rubbed into the squeaky components since all that needs is just a wee bit of lubricating. CHEERS TO YOU RAVEN!

It's all in the details