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Suddz: Intimate Apparel & Lingerie Wash

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  • SUDDZ was exclusively formulated to safely and effectively clean intimate apparel and other hand-washed delicates. Our custom formula is ideal for:

    • all Shapeez apparel
    • active wear
    • leggings
    • adhesive bras
    • nylons
    • panties
    • and other modern synthetic fabrics and blends
    Not for machine washing

    Safe for your Skin. Safe for your Apparel.

    SUDDZ is free from fragrances, perfumes, dyes, colorants, softeners, conditioners, bleaches, enzymes, brighteners, surfactants, and harsh detergents that can not only irritate your skin, but they can damage your garments.

    1. Fill sink with warm water (for dark colors use cold water). Mix in 2 ounces of Suddz solution (6 capfuls) and gently agitate garments by hand.
    2. Drain sink, then re-fill with cold water and gently agitate garments again.
    3. Finally, drain sink and gently squeeze out excess water (do not wring).
    4. Hang or lay garments flat to dry.

    For Stubborn Spots

    Wet garment completely and apply small amount of Suddz directly to the problem area(s). Rub lightly into the fabric and wash as described above.